Armiger Station 30

Anne Arundel County Maryland Fire Department

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Welcome to the "unofficial" website of the Armiger station of the Anne Arundel County Fire Department. The personnel of Station 30 invite you to check back often to view the progress as we work to update this site!


                                                             AACO. Live Feed   


The Anne Arundel County Fire Department is a combination career/volunteer department consisting of 30 stations serving 500,000 plus residents in a unique area of central Maryland. From Military Bases to Farmland, Cheasepeake Bay Waters to Airports, Suburban America to Industrial America, just about everything can be found in Anne Arundel County. Starting at the southern border of the City of Baltimore, Anne Arundel County extends south along the Cheasepeake Bay to include the City of Annapolis and points further south. Station 30 is situated at 304 Mountain Rd Pasadena, MD 21122 and is primarily charged with protecting neighborhoods of Pasadena such as Powhatan Beach, Freetown, Lake Waterford, Elvaton, and Greenhaven (commonly referred to as "The Haven").

Station 30 staffs Quint 30 and Medic 30,  providing engine company, truck company, and advanced life support services to a large area of the 1st and 2nd battalions. In addition Station 30 is home to Battalion Chief 2, who oversees all operations in the 2nd Battalion to include Companies 10, 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, and 30. 



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